7 Secrets To Broadcast Radio Excellence

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Express Lane to Success (Bexsi Publishing, 2012)

Inside this book is an INTERACTIVE system for you to achieve any goal you set…no matter how many times your goal has been delayed, modified or forgotten.

  • Are you tired of setting and resetting your goals?
  • Does your lifestyle, health and wealth reflect your beliefs?
  • Are you frustrated with how slow your success is progressing?

Express Lane to Success will give you the opportunity to be fully accountable to any goal you set. Like a coach that pulls the best from his team, with this unique system of interactive accountability, quitting is no longer an option.

I Wrote The Book On It – Be The Authority – Unlock your story! (Bexsi Publishing, 2012)


Let’s face it; the “experts” who get the publicity, fame, credibility and major media exposure are the professionals who’ve published their book. With tens of thousands of competitors in your field, the top 5% have a book that exponentially increases their following and presence in the marketplace. The top 1% have a best-selling book, a public profile, recognizable brand and bankable value. Being an author can catapult your enterprise and reputation onto a national and international platform that will outlast your lifetime.

Strategically creating high influence and a broad reach requires not only a book, but also a sophisticated marketing, focused promotion and seamless distribution plan. Like most professionals, however, you’re busy. You’ve no doubt thought dozens of times, “I should write a book.” If only you had the capacity and the time to manage such a large-scale undertaking. You know a book would elevate your business and your brand to rock-star status. But the reality entails…

Be a Stellar Guest on the Radio

Guest on Radio

Newspapers…dead. Paper Magazines…dying. How about radio? Is the sound bite society, with the attention span of a gnat still tuning into talk radio? Should entrepreneurial authors still consider radio as part of their marketing mix? Being a guest on talk radio continues to be one of the most effective,  marketing mediums, provided you, the guest, […]

Your Goal Setting Sucks

Goal Setting

I’ve  been a fanatical goal setter for most of my life. I’ve also never hit one on time. Hmm…. I’ve never quit on a goal, but I sure have seen my share of set backs, delays and side roads on my journey to health, wealth and joy. This journey we call life, is exciting for […]

Don’t Go To College


“7 years of college, down the drain.” That quip from Mr. Blutarsky, the character from the movie, Animal House, was funny in 1978. It was crazy, stupid, silly and made us laugh. However, there were a few people in 1978 who didn’t see it as humor. They saw it as reality. Ever heard of Micky Airson […]