5 Ways to Pre-Sell Your Book… without being needy

While you work on creating your masterpiece, there are a bunch of things you can do to reach out, warm up and engage your future readers. Launching a book without an audience is 100X more difficult than launching your book with a ‘warmed up’ and engage a list of people. The more we can tease […]

11 Top Tips for a Successful Travel Startup

start up

New York Travel company AllTheRooms has shared its top tips to help you get your travel startup off the ground. From not fearing new ideas, through to knowing what makes your idea different, here are their top tips: All new startups are going to encounter bumps along the road, but if you have a good […]

McDonald’s, I’m Lovin’ it! …NOT

Freedom or Fairness? It seems there are two polarized schools of thought in the USA. On one side, independent, “fend for yourself” free-marketers with Ayn Rand-based philosophy passionately protect our right to claim our independence, create our own destiny and reap the rewards of our work. On the other hand, well-meaning people cry, “unfair!” and […]

Retire Free, Retire Early…in Paradise


Swinging from a hammock… Sipping your Mai Thai… Checking your online bank account and it’s just increased $10,000…. Your life? Or is it just a dream? For millions of entrepreneurs, a “lifestyle” business is and will remain a fantasy only. The practical aspects of moving abroad and living the “4 Hour Work Week” have too […]

New Life Resolution

New Year's Resolution

You waste time. We all do. If you are a solopreneur, you know you do it. The “occasional” Facebook check in or the constant email barrage turns into a lost 15 minute, half hour or longer. Twitter? Fuggetaboutit. The amount of distractions, time-wasters and actual productivity loss by being the chief cook and bottle washer […]

Don’t Go To College


“7 years of college, down the drain.” That quip from Mr. Blutarsky, the character from the movie, Animal House, was funny in 1978. It was crazy, stupid, silly and made us laugh. However, there were a few people in 1978 who didn’t see it as humor. They saw it as reality. Ever heard of Micky Airson […]

Content Isn’t King Anymore!

If you are struggling to manage, grow or develop your business, you are not alone. Many authors, speakers and entrepreneurs KNOW they need to provide high-quality and useful content to the world. You understand that you need to cut through the myriad of marketing messages out there and stand out from the crowd. With thousands […]