April 8

Cannabis and Mental Disorder: Everything You Need to Know


In this episode

  • The possibility for a bigger future. you will never experience better health if you don’t try.
  • Access to high-level professionals. “Am I allowed to talk to Sara?”
  • Why is Mental Health a taboo topic? …Mental health is as normal as we talk about a migraine.
  • How does today’s generation face mental health issues. People must be willing to help themselves.
  • The state of medical cannabis: It’s not as simple as, “I’m sick. Give me a prescription for marijuana.”
  • Proper dosage of cannabis. Age, condition, tolerances, and dozens of other factors make a difference.
  • A mental-health issue success story. Evidence-based medicine applies to mental health, as well.
  • How do you identify your needs? It’s can’t be overstated… seek professional guidance. Google is not one of them.

If we don't talk about mental health openly, the stigma won't go away. – Sara Makin Click To Tweet

Podcast as an Article

Human nature… we always worry about what the future holds. It’s true we will never know it fully, unless you project your intention and accept the present.

Life is a risk; it is scary to try new things especially if it is out of your comfort zone. Like our guest, Sara, on her own term, she was “timid, unsure, terrified”, but she took one step for it. And look where she is now.

Sara Makin‘s clinic, Makin Wellness, has a full staff of Clinical Team Members, Interns and a Practice Management group in two offices.

How She Started

Sara was in her early 20s when she took her first step out of the box. As a young individual, she targeted those who are in the same age bracket.

And the journey continues, Sara and her team became open to any age who needs their professional help, specifically, the age that ranges from…

Mental Health

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Cannabis and Mental Disorder: Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis and Mental Disorder: Everything You Need to Know
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