March 6


5 Ways to Pre-Sell Your Book… without being needy

While you work on creating your masterpiece, there are a bunch of things you can do to reach out, warm up and engage your future readers.

Launching a book without an audience is 100X more difficult than launching your book with a ‘warmed up’ and engage a list of people. The more we can tease them and build a bit of excitement, the better.

Sure, it’s not like we are waiting for the new Star Wars movie or the iPhone 25, but with a targeted group of loyal fans and followers, we can create a bit of a buzz, possibly some pre-sales and perhaps some launch partners, as well.

Start a Facebook Group

This is not the same as your personal or business profile. We want to set up a group to allow others to communicate as a collective. I’m including a short outline of how to do that here.

Facebook groups have their strengths and weaknesses. I watched a good friend of mine build his group from -0- to over 12,000 people in under 8 months. He was able to create a massive new following and picked up some significant clients.

Start a Blog

When you blog a bit, publish your thoughts and pose a few questions, you’ll not only create a growing encyclopedia of content, but you will position yourself as an authority. While Facebook groups are great, Facebook owns the portal. There are a few stories of FB arbitrarily shutting down pages and once that happens. BAM! You’ve lost all your data, content and connections.

Which brings us to item number three…

Collect & Connect.

Yes… you must have an opt-in page and a way to collect emails. Too many entrepreneurs are lax in this area. But once that is set up, don’t treat people like they are on a list. Especially in the beginning, send personal thank you’s and outreach emails to everyone. The more personal the better.

Even if you only add 2-3 people a day to your list, you can easily add something personal to your ‘welcome’ message. For a super easy opt-in page and integrated email system, I use Clickfunnels. I love this program. It is super easy, secure and professional. (insert shameless promotion) My affiliate link is here. If you are one of our clients (or soon will be) PM me first for my “Products from your book” program. It literally makes you money while you sleep.  

Build your list. But don’t treat it like one.

Questions are Power

When you post any content, ask a question. It matters not if you are writing a blog post, creating a video or even sending an email. This little symbol ? is the most powerful button on your keyboard.

When you ask a follower, fan or reader a question, they have to answer. It is impossible NOT to answer a question.

“What color is the sky?”

See? I’m not a mind reader, but I just read your mind. It said, “blue” right? Unless you are reading this at night or you are in the middle of a forest fire, you can’t help but answer. Try not to think of a pink elephant. Get it?

Of course, if we don’t know the answer, the mind will try to solve the puzzle provided there are no distractions. Squirrel!


You have a book (or soon will) but unfortunately, most people don’t read. I am encouraging (if not downright forcing) my clients to start an online TV show. I am not referring to a youtube channel, Livestream or doodle videos.

A TV show has structure, intent and most importantly a hook or reason to bring you back for the next show. “After our commercial break, we’ll see what Tim-Tim the Panda is doing now.”

Now, before you go into full-blown overwhelm, there is an efficient and easy to produce a method to creating an online TV show. We are launching a 7 part course and system for our authors. For more information, drop me a line.

Publishing your book will be as satisfying as giving birth (and maybe as painful). But like raising a child, you must nurture it, give it the attention and nutrition it needs to grow up and become independent and self-sustaining.

Your book is no different.

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