March 30


5 Steps to Seducing the Perfect Client

Teasing before Pleasing

All seduction starts slow and involves a level of teasing. Don’t be one of those guys at the bar that hits on everyone. Start your seduction by letting your prospects know you understand them. When you use their words in your sales copy, your “Jedi mind trick” begins the attraction process. Don’t talk about yourself at the beginning except for a brief introduction. As soon as they know who is seducing them, your only mission is simple.

Pique their interest with curiosity.

Meet and Greet

The starting point of most sales is from visitors coming to your social media, referrals or possibly SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a challenging game for most businesses, however. With millions of results for most keyword strings, positioning yourself on page one is not for the beginner. Better to start with your warm list. For building that list, be sure to have an opt-in page and focus all your content (audio, written & video) to that page. As with any seduction, don’t move fast. After you have a few prospects, never stop looking.

Volume is the key to solving nearly all marketing problems.

Vet and Validate

No matter what methods you use to attract clients, don’t forget to dismiss those who are not qualified. On the other hand, don’t be too quick to judge. That slightly unattractive girl across the bar may have other qualities that are more vital to your business. Treat everyone equally and with a passionate purpose. With the right gateways and filters, they can ‘self-select’ and opt out before you buy them a drink of your solution. Web analytic software such as Google Analytics allows you to see what is working, and what is not working. Use data to understand the who, what, and where of your website traffic. Then refine it. You can use surveys or other scoring mechanisms to better target who you want to work with.

Get them to act on It.

Delirious Desire

After you get someone’s “attention” and “Interest” instilling a desire in them is where your seduction game gets juicy. Desire is a funny thing. You can’t “force” anyone to like you, of course. The idea of being a “thought leader” is actually just a play on words. With the proper use of attention (focusing on their words) and interest (curiosity) desire should be a natural extension. Beware! If move too fast into solution, you will be faced with an immediate and possibly permanent rejection. You don’t ask someone to get married on a first date and you are unlikely to win a customer solely with your landing page.

Move slowly.

Monologues into Dialogues

Interaction at any level is the key to transforming a prospect into a client. And (eventually) a client into a raving fan. It works with romantic relationships as clearly as it does in business. In order to make this transition from a “date” into a “relationship”, a conversation must occur. If your prospect only has thoughts, and no dialogue, you are likely to misread their inaction or action because you have no feedback with which to adapt to. Engage in conversation, email, telephone or on social media. Make it interesting. Be compelling. You can even be controversial if that’s your brand.

Above all else… just listen.

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