BEFORE you map out a marketing strategy, it’s vital to understand your customer’s deep pain, persuasive personality, and personal preferences. 

Let's peek inside our primitive brain to understand how hypnotic marketing truly operates... and how you can leverage your prospects intuitive thinking to the benefit of all.

The new trend of "Conversation Marketing" and building an owned media strategy can be a massive shift in thinking

...and an equally massive growth with your company.

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How Do You Make Money in Vegas?
...You Need to Own the Casino

Cannabis and Mental Health


In this episode The possibility for a bigger future. you will never experience better health if you don’t try.Access to high-level professionals. “Am I allowed to talk to Sara?”Why is Mental Health a taboo topic? …Mental health is as normal as we talk about a migraine.How does today’s generation face mental health issues. People must

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While you work on creating your masterpiece, there are a bunch of things you can do to reach out, warm up and engage your future readers. Launching a book without an audience is 100X more difficult than launching your book with a ‘warmed up’ and engage a list of people. The more we can tease

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Go-giver influencer


Social media allows us great opportunities to connect with others. It creates the context for democratizing influence, giving voice to individuals on a mass basis. It’s exciting just to consider the good that can be accomplished as various (and yes, opposing) political and other viewpoints can be communicated intelligently, respectfully, and persuasively, and without the

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bestselling author


The advent of Amazon’s explosive growth has ushered in a new era for writers and entrepreneurs. No longer shackled by the restrictions from major publishers, anybody can become an author. They make it all sound so easy. All you have to do is write, upload and BAM… you are an author on Amazon. Of course,

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celebrity branding


Celebrity branding. You’ve seen it your entire life. From Wilford Brimley selling Colonial Penn Life Insurance to Michael Jackson pitching Pepsi, celebrities are able to leverage their highly recognizable faces and voices and lift the brand of just about any product or service. Even yours… While you may not be able to afford an “A”

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3 Digital Growth  Strategies That Create More Revenue

Understanding how to use a personal brand within a large organization may seem counter intuitive. However, when combined with aligned digital channels to position your business solutions, a unique synergy is not only possible, but can accelerate growth in many areas. This synergy can create better brand awareness and convert causal observes into engaged customers. At the top of the list; it can develop measurable new revenue.

This complimentary guide will give you 3 modern growth strategies that teach businesses how to harness the power of the Internet, its billions of users, and align your story in a uniquely compelling manner. In the next 4 minutes, you can create a path to potential new customers and increase revenue using this complimentary guide.