January 7


Here’s How You Can Achieve to Retire Early and Free

Swinging from a hammock…

Sipping your Mai Thai…

Checking your online bank account and it’s just increased $10,000….

Your life?

Or is it just a dream?

For millions of entrepreneurs, a “lifestyle” business is and will remain a fantasy only. The practical aspects of moving abroad and living the “4 Hour Work Week” have too many constraints. What if your parents get sick? How can I possibly keep my business relationships alive online? What about health care? Blah, blah…

All, and I mean 100% of your hesitations, concerns and doubts are self-induced. For every challenge, no matter how insurmountable, there are always 2 or more solutions. Thinking out of the box has become an expression by many, but a decision by few.

My mentor, Chris B., one of the most brilliant copywriters I have ever met, will be moving his business overseas in 2014. Will he “retire?” Not really. Will it appear as though he has? Absolutely. Like many enlightened Westerners, my friend has dated and been engaged to beautiful Asian girl, he’s lived in China and speaks several languages. He currently is building a business in the UK but has been steadily arranging the chess pieces to call a “Check Mate” on the limits of freedom in the West and the outrageous cost of living.

He recently showed me a site where many obstacles can be quickly and easily answered.

Income? You can do mini-retirements and work abroad

Healthcare? You will be healthier in many Asian countries and the health system is much better than in the UK or USA

Relationships? It’s a globally connected world. I met Chris through Facebook, we’ve talked on Skype and we are old pals by now, even though we have yet to meet.

If you have ever dreamt about living abroad, but were hesitant to do so, check out this website http://www.retirecheap.asia

The membership program (only $10 /month) is an absolute STEAL! You’ll easily save several hundred dollars in avoiding mistakes by reading just one or two of the articles. The support is amazing and the friendships are real.

I’m not an affiliate, either. It’s just that good.

See you over there…

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