Boost Your Team’s Energy

Solo entrepreneurs are never alone. While most of the time they may feel alone, they are not. Human beings are social animals and regardless of your profession, family or hobby, people work in teams. Authors have editors. Artists have fans. Athletes have coaches. Entrepreneurs, even 1-person shops, have vendors, clients, family…heck, some even have friends. […]

Entrepreneur Productivity Secret

Take a vacation every month! Yeah, it sounds crazy and non-productive. But if you follow me here, you’ll realize that after you set aside a full WEEK every month, the other three weeks of your month you will be super productive, rested and equally important, work HARDER and SMARTER. Why? Because if you don’t, you […]

Communicating via Social Media

What is social media? We know that media can be audio, video or live presentations of ideas, stories or information. How does the word “social” connect with that? When you write a blog post or article and publish it (digital or print) its media. What makes it social? Where you publish it? Does Facebook make […]

Endless Referrals

OK, business owners, here’s a test: How many of you have bought over 100 copies of any single book and given it to your clients? No? None? Hmm…I’m sorry, I thought you were in NETWORK marketing? I am not involved with an MLM at this point in my life, but when I was, I was […]

3 Common MLM Beliefs That Do More Harm Than Good

Let’s be honest, the MLM industry has had its detractors. There have not been very many entire INDUSTRIES that havewithstood the onslaught of public pressure, peer humiliation and even Congressional inquiry as the network marketing industry. The industry has been aligned with scams, pyramid schemes, and fast-talking pitches that have often relegated us to the […]


Can passion=success? Most of the time, other ingredients are required such as marketability, a congruent executive team, supply, demand, and patience are required. But at the top of any entrepreneur’s list must be passion. Without a passion for the company, its employees, the market or the product, a company will never break out and survive […]

Who Are You Accountable To?

Accountability. What does it mean? Who are you accountable to? When you make the decision to start your own business you may be filled with excitement, anticipation and visions of freedom and prosperity. You should! Starting your own business, especially an MLM business with the exponential qualities of duplication can and should expand your expectations […]

Get Your Ego Out of the Way

Ahh…to be a celebrity. The attention, the limo’s, the free lunches. Fame is a wild and wonderful thing, isn’t it? Becoming famous (even in your narrow business niche) can open doors for you faster than all the patience and hard work of being ordinary. Our society bestows honor and riches upon anyone who is in […]

Speed Kills

The faster you drive, the more likely a fender bender becomes a deadly crash. The speed of our actions both in driving and in business certainly move us quicker to our destination. When moving at high rates of speed, however, any mistake or error in judgment amplifies that error and can transform a bump in […]

Who is this guy?

Doug Crowe has been an agent of change for over 30 years. (Yes, he started in Jr. High!) His insightful, fresh and innovative approach to success has led him to helping thousands of people create the PERMANENT change they desired in their lives. He has been honored to share the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, presented […]