August 1


How Rest Time Can Help Your Productivity

Take a vacation every month!

Yeah, it sounds crazy and non-productive. But if you follow me here, you’ll realize that after you set aside a full WEEK every month, the other three weeks of your month you will be super productive, rested and equally important, work HARDER and SMARTER.


Because if you don’t, you can’t afford to take that next vacation!

By scheduling a one week vacation for yourself every month, you live your life to the fullest. You will be more empowered, more energized and more creative than taking only a day off every week (Or for some entrepreneurs, one day off per month!)

Like you, I was very skeptical of how this would work for me and if it would TRULY make me more productive during those 3 weeks where I was working. I am sure at first glance, taking a week off EVERY month may seem impossible for 99% of business owners. After all, you are probably already working 60+ hours per week just to stay even! Envisioning a system where you work less and earn more goes against the logical side of your brain.

The only way to open your mind to this is to consider the following:

1. If you are working “in” your business instead of “on” your business, you have a systems issue. Begin to put in place independent contractors, JV partners and responsible employees who compliment your team effortlessly. You have strengths and weaknesses. Put in the RIGHT people to compliment your weaknesses. Read Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth” book today.

2. You are most likely a goal-oriented achiever. While long-term goals work OK, short-term goals or “baby steps” can do wonders in giving you instant gratification on your path towards your long-term goal. Looking forward to a week in Hawaii or even a 5 day stint at a bed and breakfast with your spouse doesn’t simply make you work harder for those three weeks, you will work smarter.

3. Weeks before a vacation, you tend to plan, execute and prepare more efficiently. (Reflect upon your “day before vacation” productivity. You get more done on that day than the entire week!) By having a locked in week off, your previous three weeks HAVE to be more productive. You are forced to be efficient.

4. When you are tired, stressed or distracted, you are less productive. Period. Getting away for a week every month will refresh your mind, relax you body and give you the much needed clarity you and your business deserve.

Trust me….this system works. You have nothing to lose but your insane schedule.

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