May 4


Get Your Ego Out of the Way

Ahh…to be a celebrity.

The attention, the limo’s, the free lunches. Fame is a wild and wonderful thing, isn’t it? Becoming famous (even in your narrow business niche) can open doors for you faster than all the patience and hard work of being ordinary. Our society bestows honor and riches upon anyone who is in the limelight REGARDLESS of how they got there!

Certainly the proliferation of reality shows has done nothing but amplify everyone’s desire for their 15 minutes of fame.

So what?

As a leader in your organization (Yes, everyone is a leader) your job is not to earn accolades and press about your achievements but to LEAD! The progression of true leadership removes one’s ego from the equation and gives credit to those who worked together on a unified goal.

True leadership does not seek the limelight. True leadership moves the spotlight to the individual members of your team. Just as Norman Schwartzkopf gave credit to his officers and infantry in the Gulf War, business leaders who remove their ego from their work and share the credit create a sincere humility that will give them more than just free press.

They create a lasting legacy of nobleness and character that transcends the media.

True leaders create other leaders.

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