December 30


A True Leader, Not Just a Concept, Not an Idea

So…you think you are something pretty special, eh? Guru, expert or….(seriously?) a “Thought Leader.” Tell me, Svengali, what Jedi mind tricks are you able to pull off, here?

When you purport to be a “thought leader,” does that mean other people are saying, “Hey Bob! You’ve really led my thoughts here! I’m a millionaire, ego-centric, legend in my own mind, just like you!”

Or, is the opposite mostly true, “Hey Bob. I’m a huge fan of yours and buy all your useless shit to motivate and inspire me. I believe “The Secret” is all I need to succeed. I have maxed out my credit cards in order to manifest the unlimited abundance the Universe has cooked up for my spirit-self and…

..umm….how do I make money again?”

True leaders do the following:

  • Create communities w/o charging for them
  • Never talk about themselves
  • Create other leaders

If you sincerely want to be an expert, leader or luminary in your field, you’ll have to let other people do the talking for you unless you are Donald Trump…egomaniac Billionaires are untrainable. Heck, even in his case, the population is talking about him 100,000x more than even HE is talking about himself!

[tweetthis]True authority is never asked for…
it is only given to those who earn it.[/tweetthis]

When you create value…tangible, useful value that people can actually identify, measure and monetize, you’ve got something. While intangible, ‘feel good’ content can often be worthy, it is worthless without a clear cut path to actualize it.

Feeling inspired? Great…go save the whales.

Do you have a mindset issue? (we all do). Great…change that, then ACT upon it.

I cherish the times in my life where I dove deep into a good book or couldn’t stop talking about a motivational speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of reading all of Bob Proctor’s books and seeing him speak live. But, had I not used those moments to rewire my personality, attitude and actions, the years I invested would have been wasted.

Inspiration is important. I’m not saying it isn’t. However, inspiration without action is worthless. The old adage, “To know and not to do is not to know” is true. Don’t let any dead philosopher tell you otherwise. To simply regurgitate “Think and Grow Rich” and not apply the wisdom in the book means you don’t actually understand or believe it.

Information is not the same thing as wisdom.

-Doug Crowe


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  1. Preach it, brother! I prefer the terms “subject matter expert” or “authority on the subject” because it’s often obvious within moments if someone knows what they’re talking about and can solve someone else’s problem.

  2. Are you reading my mind or what? This is right on point! What my NY Resolution is all about! Thanks for being brilliant, Doug! Keep ’em coming!

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