December 22


Achieve Your Goals Faster with the Help of Habits

There’s something about a calendar that causes people to set goals.

In December, with the holidays on our minds and a new year afoot, millions of people vow to lose weight, save money or find the love of their life.

  • Why does a date on a calendar cause such a renewed spirit?
  • Why doesn’t May 1st or September 1st have the same stimulus?
  • Why didn’t you reach this goal in 2014…or 2013?

Clearly, as we start scratching out the 4 on our checks and replace it with the 5 in 2015, many people think, feel and act as if it is time for a new start; a fresh beginning.

With the simple change of a single day, hundreds of millions of people begin to look forward instead of behind…we feel renewed.

However, unless you are one year old, you’ve done this before.

…many times.

Each year we set, work towards and fail at most of the goals we set.

Goals, when written down, have the power to change our lives. But most of that power is potential power only. The power in a written goal to lose 20 pounds, with a date and even the accountability of a personal trainer, will not result in the permanent change of health we seek without developing a new habit.

[tweetthis]”If your goals are your destination, your habits are the fuel to get there.” -Doug Crowe[/tweetthis]

Instead of setting new goals (or rekindling old ones), try focusing on one or two habits that you want to change. Instead of focusing on losing or “releasing” those extra 20 pounds, focus on the new habit of walking 3 miles every day or eating less volume and increasing your raw vegetable intake.

Like brushing your teeth, once these fundamental habits become second nature, your goals will become achievements, instead of next year’s, “THIS is the year I’m going to….”

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