November 25


3 Common MLM Beliefs That Do More Harm Than Good

Let’s be honest, the MLM industry has had its detractors. There have not been very many entire INDUSTRIES that havewithstood the onslaught of public pressure, peer humiliation and even Congressional inquiry as the network marketing industry.

The industry has been aligned with scams, pyramid schemes, and fast-talking pitches that have often relegated us to the dubious honor of being “snake oil” salesmen. Over the years people have tried to figure out a process to distance ourselves from the “aggressive” recruiting tactics, yet enjoy our passion to build a duplicatable, sustainable and passive income stream.

We all KNOW that it is one of the best methods for creating residual income. So why do we have a bad rap? What is it that makes many of our prospects shut down our presentations even before we start? What caused many companies to hire more lawyers than customer support? Why have some companies changed their names or even distanced their business model from their original MLM roots? Why is it common to call some independent distributors members of a cult?

The reasons can be boiled down to a few obvious aspects; all of which rest squarely with the manner in which you present yourself. Basically, the reason our industry has a bad rap is because of you. Are you honest enough to admit it? Are you ready to raise the bar of respect for your business? If so, take the following lessons to heart. Below are 5 simple attitudes and perceptions you must convey to the people you come in contact with. Follow these counter-intuitive strategies and not only will your business grow exponentially, but your reputation can remain golden.

  • Approach Everyone Mentality. Stop thinking like you need to recruit every warm body you come in contact with. Many distributors get so caught up in the potential of their program they forget that most people quit everything they start. Those numbers of exponential growth are extremely compelling for any MLM opportunity. Most of this enthusiasm would be balanced if the other side of the coin was managed, understood and dealt with at the same time. The facts are not in dispute, for every 100 people you may approach, a small minority will get involved as a distributor for your program. Of those who do start, an even SMALLER minority will stick it out long enough for you to build a distribution force around them. Conclusion: Over 90% of your efforts, time and energy will be wasted. The less you look at people as potential distributors and more as human beings, the better your reputation and wallet will shine.
  • Distributor Mentality. Think like a business person, not a distributor. The earlier you start reading business magazines, marketing reports and OTHER industry trade journals, the quicker your knowledge, reputation and status will grow. Many MLM distributors relegate themselves to being proficient only in their industry and marketplace. This is a recipe not only for a myopic reputation, but you cut off creativity, vertical and horizontal expansion into areas that can build you a sustainable business. A “hobby” attitude will always result in “hobby” income. The sooner you act like a business owner, the sooner you can begin to enjoy the true benefits of business ownership. We know that we don’t need employees, support staff, etc. for our enterprises, but we all MUST become excellent networkers, sales people and marketers. What was the last non-MLM marketing book you read?  What was the last non-MLM business seminar or expo you attended?
  • Recruiter Mentality. Become a leader, not a promoter. Recently I reviewed the book, “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard. One of the core principles of this book was developing outstanding leadership skills. Becoming a charismatic, effective and profitable leader is the cornerstone of our industry. Without developing and growing a loyal, functional following, you will suffer from constantly having to replace the flock that drops out of your organization. True leadership develops other leaders, not just followers. Read this book. You’ll be glad you did.

In the end, you want to treat people the way you want to be treated. When reflecting upon your business, be sure to continuously get in front of the RIGHT people to move your business forward. Sharing the “opportunity” with every Tom, Dick or Harry will not only waste your time, but destroy your reputation. Belief in your long-term interests is your primary source of power and recognition. Keeping your lead flow constant is important, but acquiring leads of interested parties is even more important. I am sure you would agree that you would rather have 10 leads from people who have expressed a SPECIFIC interest in your product or opportunity than 100 leads from general “opportunity seekers.” Your laser focus treating people as people, rather than suspects will deliver to you the quality prospects you deserve.

Be cool.

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