“Thank you for speaking at the WBBM / Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Real Estate Investor Workshop. Your seminar room was the first to fill up. In fact, so many people crowded into your seminar room that the fire marshal was alerted! I watched with amazement as your audience ignored the fire marshal’s order to leave because they wanted to hear you!”

-Shelly Denhard WBBM AM 780 Chicago


Accountable Leadership

“What we can learn from Airline Pilots, Brain Surgeons and Forrest Gump.”

What are the core essentials of leadership? And what can we learn from unconventional leaders? These questions and others drove Doug Crowe on a journey to discover the secret success strategies of today’s most effective and uncommon leaders. Few speakers today can tie together the influences, strategies and successes of a wide variety of leaders. But as the author of The Express Lane to Success, Doug “lives” leadership. His signature talks don’t simply inspire your team. Doug leaves everyone with the motivation and accountability platform to train your future leaders for years to come.

Reading Minds & Hyperactivity

“How to Use the Speed of Thought to Create Superlative Intuition and Insane Profits.”

What do the world’s best speakers and negotiators have in common? What differentiates a happy marriage from a divorce-ready couple, and a great boss from a small-time tyrant? It boils down to simple, straightforward and largely unpracticed principles of directed thought and honest accountability. With today’s microwave society, managers and CEO’s are demanding faster and more efficient results from their team. Armed with the Dale Carnegie Course’s Highest achievement award for human relations, Doug teaches audiences the essence of advanced thought, rapid learning and tapping into a person’s intuition. Increasing the speed of output with an INCREASE in quality isn’t just achievable; it is the very nature of the OODA loop process. In this captivating session, participants learn to let associate with excellence, hone their intuition and get more done faster; fighting the urge to procrastinate and languish in committees, this session is designed for any individual who has responsibility in your organization.

Why All Self-Help Books are Garbage
…Including Mine

“Increasing productivity, happiness and accountability without making dumb mistakes.”

Imagine your life is in shambles after a 22 year career has been destroyed by the economy and a full blown midlife crisis. Clinical depression hits, and a fairy-tale home life is nearly destroyed. This fork in the road is one that many people come to. Chuck it all and start over or push through? As Winston Churchill said, “When going through hell it is best to keep going.” This is Doug’s story. And for the past few years he has sought to earn his second chance by helping others release the past, rediscover their strengths, and resolve to make a greater difference in the world by being accountable to their potential. If you’re seeking an incredibly empowering presentation that will have your audience on their feet and more connected with their passion and purpose, this is the speech that delivers.


Goal Setting, Santa Claus
& Other Urban Myths

“How to create lasting change without lying to yourself”

Setting goals can be a topic that many leaders and strategists attempt to make interesting or connect to the organization. Doug has spent a lifetime learning and teaching the qualities of those who are able to set and keep a goal. Connecting individual goals to an organization isn’t easy. Doug will demonstrate how vision-based leadership can pull a person’s selfish desires and align it with an organization’s mission. There are dozens of myths about setting and achieving goals. Doug blasts them all and delivers the undistilled truth on how to get them done faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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