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I’m genuinely excited to welcome you to our community of authors, business owners and non-profit advocates. Our services include building you a recognizable and eye-catching brand, ghost writing your core story, creating a best seller, making you famous in the News and much, much more.

In order to best serve you, we’ve created a set of intake forms to organize your ideas, brand, social media. When we get all of your data, we’ll create a file for you and begin the process to build your brand, ghost write your book, start your best seller campaign and/or put your story in the News.

Based on your order, you will fill out 1 or more of the forms below. Refer to your introduction email for which form you need to fill out.

For AuthorYourBrand clients, click on the appropriate forms below:

  1. Book Positioning & Branding:  Author Survey
  2. Get a Hypnotic Book Cover: Your Book Cover
  3. Movie Trailer for Books: Video Book Trailer
  4. Be Seen in the News: PR Your Book or Brand
  5. Become an Amazon Best Seller: #1 Best Seller (by interview only)
  6. Real Best Seller: Business w/Book Funnel

I’m genuinely excited to help you in your business. Chat soon!

-Doug Crowe

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