Coaching, Consulting or… (Let’s Just Grow Your Business-OK?)

Coaching? I’m not a sports guy and you probably don’t really want to wake up at 4 AM, run a 5K, do squats, and 100 push-ups, anyway.

Consulting? Do I look like I work for Arthur Anderson or have some “High-Brow” title where I tell you what you already know and you do all the work?

How about no title at all? Does that work for you?

I love business. Even more, I love making businesses work better, leaner and more effective.

Over my 50+ years on earth, I’ve racked up a pretty diverse resumé. I’ve been an ABC radio show host, #1 Best Selling author, I’ve developed a private island in Belize, flew my own airplane to Central America and back, helped over 200 authors become Best Sellers and much more.

But at the heart of all of this is my passion for you… the business owner.

My degree in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern combined with my journalist credentials and the books and brands we’ve launched has given me one thing that is hard to come by in marketing.

I am able to look at words, images and the feeling that is created by them.  My skills as a marketer go well beyond copy and the meanings of color. I have the ability to see the psychology-marketing-sales perspective you are delivering and give you a tangible benefit from that intangible feeling people have when they think about you and your brand.

I will save you countless hours of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars.

My company creates best-selling books.

For every business owner and author, a book is not enough.

You need a brand and an online business “Funnel” that captures leads, attracts the right visitors and nurture a relationship. My entire team has a passion and a wonderfully seamless system for driving traffic to you. If you already have a book and/or a brand, then this page will make sense to you. If you don’t, drop me a line and we can go back to square one.

Our Success Formula

Consult + Digital Assets = Stress-Free Growth

My consulting practice is broken down into two distinct areas; weekly consulting and digital outputs.


Weekly meetings
Working one-on-one with me will be unlike any other program you may experience. Each week there are milestones, homework, and expectations set. My time is precious and so is yours. We’ll respect it and keep up a fast pace. Each week will invest 30-45 minutes to accomplish the following:

Objectives. Yours.
We’ll schedule our first call and review your brand, marketing, messaging and more. This is beyond the “getting-to-know-you” stuff. We did that before; remember? (If we have not yet, we will) We’ll review and agree upon what you want to get out of our time together and set clear expectations on time, resources and move your business to a higher level.

Output. Ours.
When we discuss output, most of the tasks will be yours. You’ll be doing things like publishing a blog on Medium and/or Linkedin, submitting copy, or speaking at events. In some cases, the output will be ours. We may assist you by sharing a lead, introducing a connection or giving you access to software or a shortcut.

Milestones. Yours.
We’ll be setting up a dashboard where objectives, roles, responsibilities, and timelines are clearly outlined for both of us to refer to. I take consulting very seriously and expect us both to move the needle a bit each week. The visual interface will map our progress and the file section will contain all your assets.

Click on the image and you’ll see a video on how your project is managed.

You’ll get a progress report each month on what we’ve accomplished. There is no obligation and no minimum. Our standard consulting program is two-thousand dollars ($2000) per month and can be canceled by either of us with 30-days written notice. (NOTE: Discounts available. Inquire for details)


For a limited time, my consulting program includes $1,000 of marketing; for FREE! This includes copywriting, digital news syndication, PR or editing of your sales or marketing copy. ACT NOW! 

Click here to schedule our complimentary introductory call


Unlike most coaches and consultants who merely talk (and often state what you already know) our agency has a full-time designer, programmer and admin on staff for you. We can create websites, ghostwrite your book, build you a business funnel, put you on podcasts, publish your story in the news and create nearly any marketing or content asset you need.

  • Need a blog? …check.
  • Need a weekly blog post? …can do.
  • Want a best-selling book? …our specialty.
  • Require a membership site and opt-in page? …of course.
  • Would you like custom emails and web copy written and integrated? …yup.

Regardless of the gaps in your online assets, sales training, copywriting, websites, graphics or PR, we have the team, resources or connections to give you the one-stop shop you need.

Are any of these assets, resources or custom copywriting included in my consulting?

No. But, when you engage my team, you be getting these items for near wholesale cost. Why? Because they are MY team or vetted connections and assets I use myself. You won’t need to learn new software or interview a dozen outsourcers.

We have everything you need.

During our weekly meetings, we can review your needs and we’ll clearly go over any additional investment required. Do you have to use my suggestions or team?

Absolutely not.

Many of my clients already have their own webmaster or designer. If they have Skype and email, we can work with them.

Let’s have that all important conversation and see if we are a fit. You never know what opportunities, ideas and new profit centers we can create together. I look forward to getting to know you. Click on the button below now.

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