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Doug and his team offer a unique suite of products and services to doctors, business owners and entrepreneurs. Check out any of his books, drop him a line and see for yourself how working with him and his team can further your business and authorship initiatives this year. Our clients love us because we don’t just tell you how to create your book, integrate the web, marketing and public relations.

…we do it for you.

We Write Your Book for You

His flagship product is creating a book about YOU, your brand and your message. If you know you could benefit from a book (Most business owners and professionals know they can) then let the professionals on Doug’s team evaluate your specialty, competition and feasibility of making you an author in about 90 days.

Who knows, your high-quality book that is inside you may be the difference and shot in the arm you’ve been waiting for. Learn more about his Instant Author system. Click here to find out more.

You know there is a book and a larger vision inside of you…isn’t it about time you let it out?


I Wrote the Book On It

This is THE playbook for creating a book about you, your brand, your company as the “go to” expert in your particular niche.


Most business owners and professionals simply don’t have the time to sit down and go through the painstaking process of writing a book, let alone, the arduous tasks of layout, proofing, copy editing, design, publishing, marketing, etc.

This is your no-nonsense book that gives you a simplified blueprint on creating your book quickly and efficiently. The content spells out specific, actionable steps you need to take to get your message out to your audience. The countless amount of marketing opportunities and media attention you can attract will boggle the mind as you develop a clear strategy to blow away your competition and create a “pull” strategy of attracting new patients, clients and partners to further your name.

“The resource section alone, saved me weeks of aggravation and potentially thousands of dollars in waste. I love this book! Thanks, Doug”

-Ron Shimony

“Extremely useful for any business owner regardless of how far along you are on creating your book. I especially enjoyed the clarity and direct approach to becoming the expert and rapid product creation techniques Doug reveals.”

-Darcie Newton

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