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Vacation in Belize

Who doesn’t love the Caribbean? Win a chance to get a $5,000 vacation in Belize and you’ll probably love it even more! More about that in a minute… I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to over a dozen different locations from Nassau to Turks & Caicos. I’ve been scuba diving in Cozumel and did my deepest dive at the Blue Hole in Belize.

If you have not heard or visited Belize you may be missing out on the crown jewel of the entire region. Am I biased? You bet. Read on and you’ll see why…

The waters of the Caribbean are rated in the top 10 worldwide. The clarity and cleanliness of Belizean waters is legendary. While you can enjoy swimming with docile nurse sharks right off the coast, set aside some time for a trip to the famous Blue Hole. It’s a bucket list item, to be sure.Skydive Blue Hole

Year round, the climate is shorts and t-shirts. Along with the culture, you don’t need to dress like James Bond for a nice dinner out. Even at 5-star resorts, flip flops are welcome. Packing for a trip to Belize, even for the ladies, should be easier than most other areas.

When I go to Belize, I immediately head over to Ambergris Cay and the town of San Pedro. Nothing against Belize city… OK, there is, but I’m not here to bash anything. Just get over to San Pedro and you’ll see why it is like a step back in time. Everyone is genuinely friendly.

While I never have any problems in the Bahamas with English, if you don’t speak Spanish, you may bumble around a bit in Costa Rica, Mexico or any other Central American country. The native language of Belize is English. This is critical if you choose to invest as the contracts are in English! (More on that later)

On a recent trip to my favorite resort in Belize, Acquafino, I saw a local boat cast its net close to shore. They hauled in Snapper and even a nice grouper. On the side of the boat was the name of a local hotel. Fresh fish? You bet. When you see them catch the “catch of the day” it’s not marketing… it’s a lifestyle.Gourmet dinner

This all adds up to one of the most charming, friendly and safest places to vacation in the Caribbean. But, don’t stop there. When it comes to your financial future, there are opportunities in Belize, not afforded by other countries anywhere on the planet.

Offshore Investing
My first trip to Belize was to check out a private island off the coast of San Pedro. This raw, undeveloped land was ripe for development. It was less than 1 mile from the San Pedro. It was full of ancient Mayan history and the developer was passionate about creating waterfront villas for every property.

…on a private island.

The development was built without any significant bank loans. Like all things in the Caribbean, it slowly progressed with early investors and quiet, but steady development of a handful of million dollar estates, a row of beach front villas and the largest beach club in Belize.

The development team recently handed over this project to Sandy Point Real Estate, the countries leading brokerage. In order to launch their program, a $5,000 vacation giveaway is being offered!

Go ahead and comment on this post below, but before you do, be sure to enter the contest by clicking here! There is no purchase necessary to win. In fact, you can earn EXTRA entries by sharing this contest on social media, commenting on this blog post or even getting a book on Belize investing!

Daniel Hartin and his team at Sandy Point Real Estate are #1 in Belize for insuring your experience in Belize is not only enjoyable, but profitable. Enter the contest and don’t hesitate to drop him or his team a line about the great opportunities in Belize.

Who knows? Someone has to win. It may as well be you!

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