My Skepticism Nearly Killed Me…

arthroscopic knee surgery looks worse than it feels

Ok… well, it wasn’t one of those quick deaths, mind you.

It could have been worse.

You see, there are two ways of dying.

  1. Lights out. Fast and forever.
  2. Slow boil of pain and a dramatic shift in lifestyle.

In my case, I was a 53-year old man who had a previous active lifestyle; Walking, hiking, scuba diving, etc.

At 56, I was unable to run, walking was painful and I couldn’t even put on my pants without sitting down. It wasn’t clinical death to me; I wasn’t on a respirator. It was almost worse…

It was the death of my lifestyle.


My name is Doug Crowe.

I’m a 58-year old business owner. I was born in the Midwest (Go Buckeyes!) I have 3 adult children and I help business owners build their brand and create their best-selling books.

An avid outdoorsman, I generally walked about 5 miles per day… rain or shine. I eat right, I am exceptionally positive. As a baby-boomer, my health is a major priority.

My daily hikes were a time of joy, peace and fitness. I averaged 5 miles per day and I was proud to be in good physical condition.

When I heard the grotesque “pop” of my knee one day and limped home, the sickening truth of undergoing ACL surgery was upon me.

“No problem… I’m in Chicago. I will go to the same orthopedic surgeon used by the Chicago White Sox.”

I wanted the best.

After my surgery, there would be rehab, of course. Everyone knows you are responsible for your own healing. The doctor can only do a reset… the maintenance is up to us.

Within 6 weeks, I put the crutches in the attic.
Within 8 weeks, I’m feeling a little better.

Within 10 weeks, I know I’m in trouble.

I plateaued.

Could I walk? Sure. But not more than 100 yards without feeling pain. Even doing yoga, exercise and taking supplements had no effect.  I was 56 and I felt like I was 96. I wasn’t the walking dead….

I was the limping dead.

An Unusual Meeting

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a potential new client, Ed Strachar. Ed needed my help with his book and brand.

“What do you do?” I asked

“I am an elite spiritual healer.” He replied.

Ummm… OK.

I’m a bit of a science nerd. I’m your average Trekkie, a Star Wars Fan and I’ve actually read, “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. So, when Ed told me he helps people heal themselves by accessing the Universal Energy fields, I was hugely skeptical.

If I let my skepticism rule my thoughts, I would still be limping today…. my lifestyle would be deceased. It was a very dark path… one I had no intention of continuing.

I asked Ed, “I tell you what, I’ll come to the Philippines and work with you on your book and brand, but I need you to heal my knee.”

My skeptical, left brain was being smug.

My hopeful, right brain was hopeful.

“I’ll guide you, but your healing is up to you.” he said.

Music to my ears.

This wasn’t some woo-woo, Namaste, tree hugging, long hair guru. Ed is a businessman who knows you can’t make promises that you can’t control. More importantly, he’s gone deep past basic science and unlocked some truly miraculous truths that are not simply “ideas.”

Ed Strachar is a master at healing.

My healing… ALL our healing is ultimately up to us. You don’t have to tell your finger to heal a cut, scab over and send extra white blood cells to kill infection. Your body does that perfectly on its own.

So why can’t my knee heal itself?


We all have blocks to our health and happiness. It matters not if our trauma is small or large, physical or emotional, we can heal anything ourselves and we most certainly block that process.

If you have poor nutrition, poor beliefs, and a closed mind, you won’t completely heal.

If you have good nutrition, the right beliefs, and an open mind, you’ll heal.


There’s more to it, of course. In fact, there’s SO much more to removing these blocks and unlocking the infinite energy all around us, it cannot be digested in a single letter.

I’ll let Ed Strachar give you the details on what’s really going on in the world of energy.

He’s a former electronics engineer, patents to his name and has lived in dozens of countries around the world. The most impressive thing to me was, however, how many hundreds and hundreds of people sing his praises when it came to healing.

My skepticism took a break.

I Can Run Again

Using the process Ed shares in his program Self Healing Mastery, I was able to transform 2 years of hobbling about, and completely heal my knee.

Two years of constant pain,

Two years of not being able to run,

Two years of shuffling down steps,

Two years of moving like an old man,

Gone…100% healed.

His program is truly, one-of-a-kind.

You don’t have to take my word for it, either. He has nearly 1,000 case studies of healing; more than anyone I’ve ever known.

This massive, preponderance of evidence was enough to crack open my skepticism to more than just hope.

It gave way to being truly open minded.

I had to not only open my mind, but quiet my mind…. the meditation element of Ed’s program was profound and life-changing.

I don’t toss around the word “life changing” casually, either. To change someone’s life, the impact must be recognized and used on almost a daily basis.

A new phone… nice.

A new relationship… potential is there.

A new ability to walk and run…. life changing.

My knee was healed… permanently.

If you have anxiety, depression, knee pain, back ached, fibromyalgia, feeling things are “not quite right” or literally ANY issue, I promise you, your next step will take you in only one of two directions.

You can read, ponder or click away, but it will not relieve you from living… no matter what you do, you WILL take one of these two paths in the next moment.

At the risk of being overly dramatic, both of these paths will lead you to a result, and regardless of the path you choose, a result WILL occur.

The fun part is, that result and the path you take right now, is totally in your control.


PATH A: If you think this is too ‘odd’ for you, stop reading. It won’t work. This isn’t for you. Go get a prescription. This is most likely the path you are already upon.

How’s it working for you? Be honest.

PATH B: If you are open minded, understand basic physics (everything IS energy and deep permanent healing ONLY happens at this level), then click here and take a step in the right direction. For under $8, you can EXPERIENCE healing on this call.

There is no downside to exploring healing at the energy or soul level.

  • Revitalize your energy
  • Improve your health
  • Feel more joy & vibrancy
  • Develop inner certainty

…without drugs, supplements or travel.

You have two paths.

You are about to walk towards one or the other.

The choice is yours….

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