Why Creativity is Not Enough


People say you are creative… your ideas are helpful and “innovative.” Your employees thrive on your excitement and disruptive tactics. Your marketing team creates controversial images and copy. You believe your business is poised for greatness. But that was over 3 years ago and your company is not any more profitable.

What happened?

Innovation is rapidly becoming an overused term. Like “disruption,” innovation is not as simple as thinking up an idea for a blow-up lawn chair or cooler with a blender attached. No disrespect to Kickstarter or the thousands of products that are created there, but innovation—true innovation is more about your company’s ecosystem than its products.

When you get to the heart of innovation, you may realize it is more than a single idea, concept or strategy. True innovation can become a foundational element to your corporate culture. While employing simple tactics to unlock creativity sometimes comes easily for product development, what about accounting or human resources?

Why not innovate everywhere?

In Jeff Standridge’s The Innovator’s Field Guide, you’ll find a complete set of tools, methods and strategies to create an innovators environment. A company culture that not only lives and breathes innovation, but can also pay attention to the tangible requirements of any company or project.

(NOTE: This book is on special for only .99 today… Innovative? Maybe not an earth shattering concept, but it’s still a GREAT deal!)

While the concepts of innovative accounting may make your tax attorney or legal department gasp in horror, keep in mind that ideas are meant to stimulate other ideas. When you unlock true innovation, you create a flow of energy and a process of growth. It does not mean you need (or should) execute every innovative idea.

The Innovator’s Field Guide is more than a laundry list of ideas, tactics and boxes to check when you train your team to become innovative. This is a brand new book for 2017, is chock full of references, stories and actionable tools anyone can use, from the classroom to the boardroom.

-Doug Crowe

P.S. I’ve had the honor to speak with the author, Jeff Standridge, several times. You won’t find a more reputable and more relatable author on this topic. And, at only .99 this book is literally a steal!

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