I Thought I’d Never Run Again After My Botched ACL Surgery

arthroscopic knee surgery looks worse than it feels


That was the sound I heard as my knee uncontrollably buckled during a 5-mile hike in the woods over 3 years ago. This was not simply a strained muscle. I mean, I actually heard the noise as my ACL tore.

This hurt…. badly.

I was able to limp home and I immediately iced my knee. The throbbing did not subside as I downed 2 aspirin and a beer to take the edge off.

No effect.

Off to the doctor.

I’ll spare you the trials and tribulations of the American “health care” system. We all know it’s designed for revenue and has little to do with health… or care.

But hey… I was in pain. I needed help.

Little did I realize this “help” would reveal more pain and emotional suffering than I could have imagined. More about that in a moment…

Home Run #1
I was able to get an appointment with a top-rated orthopedic surgeon in Chicago… this is the same surgeon the Chicago White Sox use.

I wanted the best.

After X-rays and an MRI, it was determined I had torn my ACL and had 3 pieces of meniscus floating around. I scheduled the surgery to occur in 3 weeks time… on my birthday. The surgery went off without a hitch and I was confined to the couch for a week or so.

The post-surgery therapy began almost immediately. Anyone who’s had knee surgery knows the therapy is what makes or “breaks” the recovery time and mobility.

ACL Knee Surgery braceHome run #2
Less than 2 miles from home the rehab company, ATI, was gracious enough to send a van for me 3X per week to start my physical therapy.

The staff was superior and they had the perfect balance of bedside manner and “get off your ass and push yourself.”

After the scheduled therapy, I was off my crutches and able to walk with the same speed and flexibility of…

an 82-year old.

This was still an improvement from gimping around like a one-legged pirate.

I was told to keep doing my exercises and my knee should return to normal. I was thorough in my post-therapy exercise.

Three months later… no improvement.

Four months… same.

Six months… uh oh.

Bottom of the 9th
I returned to my surgeon and had a follow-up conversation with his assistant. For some, (ahem..) “reason,” my actual surgeon was not available for discussing why my operation and therapy didn’t work.

His assistant did a mobility check on my knee and heard the grinding and popping in my knee and suggested the meniscus may have moved around a bit… perhaps there were some stray pieces floating around.

Another surgery?

More therapy?

At this point, 2 years after my surgery, my intuition started tingling more than the cracking and popping in my knee…

The Unasked Question

Post knee ACL surgeryHow does my body respond to MORE trauma (cutting open my knee)?

Even arthroscopic surgery, with its tiny incisions, still creates huge amounts of bleeding, inflammation, etc.

The $64,000 Question: My knee was only marginally better after the 1st surgery. If it didn’t work the first time, why are they suggesting it again?

The Answer: (follow the money)

I could walk upstairs, but going down was difficult. And, the idea of doing the things I LOVED, like hiking and running was out of the question.

I resigned myself to never being able to run again.

I was 54-years old and I felt like an old man.

My active lifestyle was over and I was ticked off. I was out of the game… forever.

(Insert cuss word)

The Strangest Meeting of My Life

After two years of this crap, I had a completely unbelievable meeting with the most curious character I’ve met in my entire life. This meeting was so crazy, any sane person would be calling the guys in the white jackets for a pickup.

I was referred to this gentleman for a business meeting. It had nothing to do with my 82-year old knee and the mild depression that had set in because of it.

He wanted to publish another book.

Ed Strachar was a best selling author with the Nightingale-Conant organization from a few years ago. He is a former electronics engineer, who has 2 patents on microchip technology that is used by the US Military. However, his book was about “Energy Healing.”

Say what?

The book was to contain ONLY pictures of pretty images Ed had “energized” to make people feel better and heal themselves. He wanted to charge $111 for the book.

…umm, OK.

While I didn’t understand energizing pictures or resonant numbers, I did suggest a few marketing basics based on my experience with creating over 195 Amazon Best Sellers with our program Real Best Seller.

He said he would “tune in” and get back to me.

While on the surface, this woo-woo stuff would make my eyes roll a bit, I looked at his Facebook page and saw not dozens, but hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from his clients.

These testimonials were from people who had ailments much worse than mine… all of them praising Ed for healing them and improving their lives… depression, thyroid, hormones, tuberculosis… even financial woes.

My skepticism turned into intrigue.

As it turns out, he wanted me to do more than just the book. He hired me to help him with marketing his “group healings.”

Normally, I consult with corporations for a day or a two. My signature speaking and consulting is done for mid-sized and large organizations.

For follow up work I prefer Skype, but he insisted I come to his high-rise condo for a 3-Month assignment at a resort on the beaches of Cebu, Philippines with a live-in gourmet chef and maid.

“Gee… let me think about it.”

That is not what I said.

We agreed on my consulting fee and I added, “I’d like to fix my knee, too.”

He immediately said, “You are ultimately responsible for your own healing. I’ll guide you, but your healing will be up to you.”

My kind of guy.

I instantly resonate with anyone who tells you what they can and cannot do. So many entrepreneurs and marketers make things sound so easy… like they will do it all for you.

His words were music to my ears.

I instantly liked him.

I was not thoroughly convinced he could “heal” my knee, but after my skepticism shifted to curiosity, I thought, “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Arrival in the Philippines

Settling into the Philippines was easy. The people are genuine, the temperature is perfect and the setting along the ocean is iconic.

It is the perfect place for an Elite Spiritual Healer to live.


Philippines people: The kindest people on earth.

After adapting to the time zone, within 2 days we began our work.

Building a marketing system for any intangible is tough, but for this topic, it was even more challenging. It would have to be 100% based on the results-not process.

There are very few marketers who decline paying clients. Most would gladly accept money even if they didn’t believe in the product.

Not me.

You see, I can’t actually write, market and promote any person, product or service I don’t sincerely believe in. My words have meaning… power… and truth.

I let Ed know this before I agreed to work with him. He not only agreed but said something I will never forget,

“Lies, myths, and half-truths can be broken and revealed. Pure truth has unshakable power.”

Even though I had accepted his invitation and had read over 120 of his testimonials, there was still one last item that I needed in order to direct his marketing strategy.

My knee.

“Remember, it’s your responsibility,” he reminded me.

“Yes. I get that. When do we start?” I asked.


Over the next 2 weeks, we designed a custom strategy to help more people with his group healing. We designed a program called, “The Energy of Youth” to help people restore vitality, life force, and energy into their lives. We shot some videos, and I started writing copy.

And each day, we started working on my knee.

The “work” was a bit odd. I was instructed to talk to the spirit of my knee.

Talk…. to my Knee?

I was instructed to be still, quiet my mind and “feel” things vibrationally… through my heart.

I tried standard mediation before. Never had any luck with that.

But this time I was on a mission.

I was hungry…. no. I was DESPERATE for this to work.

“Stop thinking, Doug. The mind clouds your ability to connect with the infinite energy that surrounds us all,” Ed said.

Now, to be clear, I’m a bit of a nerd.

Science Nerd vs. Woo-Woo Ultra Spiritual

My favorite class in college after filmmaking was astrophysics. I’d rather watch the Discovery channel than just about anything else.

So, when our discussion of healing started off with Ed’s favorite phrase, “Everything is energy” I instantly said, “Yup. That’s right.”

Matter is an illusion.

Atoms are made up of a nucleus and some electrons. The actual space they occupy is so small, if you removed the space between the atoms in our bodies, the entire human race (7.1 Billion+) would fit inside the space of a sugar cube.

Everything (99.99999+) is energy. Relatively speaking, there is no physical matter.

“All energy can be transformed,” Ed repeats on a daily basis.

Yup. Check that one, also.

Matter is neither created or destroyed. It just changes form. (Thank You, Mr. Kunes, my favorite 8th-grade math teacher who veered off the topic of math on a daily basis)

“Everything is energy and all energy can be transformed, Doug,” he reminds me.

“Since everything is energy, what makes the difference between a frog and a turtle? They are both pure energetic beings, after all.”

“DNA?” I quip.

“DNA is energy too…. guess again.”

Well, if everything is energy, including DNA, genes, and chromosomes, then…

“The difference between the frog and the turtle is a frog has the spirit of a frog and the turtle has the spirit of the turtle. Other than that, they are both pure energy.”

Hmmm… well, that kind of makes sense. Then, it got weirder…

“So it is with your knee,” Ed said.

“Your knee has a spirit also. You need to apologize to your knee, then thank it for healing.”

What the what?

Not second-guessing the guy with over 1,000 successful cases of healing I elected to do exactly what he said.

Every day I got still… I quieted my mind… I vibrationally sent love, forgiveness, and gratitude to my knee.

After the first week, it was a bit better, but it still popped.

“How’s your knee today?” he asked.

“Well, it still aches a bit right….”

“STOP!” Ed barked at me.

“Do not speak negative to your knee. Your words have power. Verbally or vibrationally, you are creating something,” he reminded me.

Hey man… I’m all for positive thinking, but you asked me about my knee! Again, I had to reign in any disempowering defenses. I reminded myself to listen and do precisely what he said.

I had nothing to lose except the pain.

Two weeks later, almost imperceptibly, my knee stopped popping.

I jumped.

I walked without pain.

And… with the joy of a baby taking its first steps, I finally did something for the first time in years.

I ran!

It may be hard to get excited about something as simple as running. But search any Youtube video about a deaf person hearing for the first time.

Look at the expression on their face.

Soak in the tears of joy on their cheeks.

That was me.

That was when Ed Strachar, founder of Healing Genius, who restored not only my knee but my heart, my soul and my belief that anything is possible.


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If you come with even a slightly open mind, like thousands of others, you’ll feel brighter, joyful, healthier and younger before the session is over.

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