How to Get Your College Bound Student-Athlete Recruited into a Great School

College Prep

Do you have a teen heading to college? As a parent of a student-athlete, one of your biggest concerns is likely around your child’s college education. In fact, some parents report that they begin thinking about it as soon as they learn they’re expecting!

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your child is ready for college? Are you putting too much or too little pressure on your student-athlete? Are there certain things you can do to help her get into a great school? Can she play there? And how will you pay for it?

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

If all of this sounds familiar, and you want expert answers to these questions, This transition doesn’t have to be stressful!

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The College Prep Formula:

How to Prep Your Kid to Get Recruited for College, Think Like a Pro, and Become a Champion

Majo Orellana, founder of MGT Greatness Training (and Beach Volleyball Pro and Coach) created this training to bring together 20 experts, including my friend, Corey Jahnke, to share advice for prepping your student-athlete to get into his dream school – utilizing his athletic talents while getting a great education.

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When you go to the link above and register for this no-cost event, you’ll hear the most effective tips and strategies we’ve used ourselves to succeed as pros.

Even better, we’ll show you how to make it so college coaches want your child on their team!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What your child can do to catch the eye of college coaches and scouts, and how to help her do it.
  • Where to place your focus so the transition from high school to college is smooth and enjoyable!
  • What to do to make this journey, this time of transition, fun and amazing … instead of stressful … for you and your child.
  • How your student-athlete can train his body for peak performance AND train his mind to utilize the time-management skills necessary for student-athlete success.
  • The qualities—other than sports talent—an athlete needs to get recruited and be successful.
  • And more.

In short, you’ll discover that it IS possible for your child to be successful as a student-athlete, and the recruitment process doesn’t have to feel intimidating.

When you join us for The College Prep Formula, you’ll discover you’re not alone, and you can successfully navigate this transition to guide your student-athlete into the right school for him!

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Prepare Your Child For Success on April 24th

If you’ve been feeling worried and overwhelmed, be sure to join us … we’re coming together to help you help your child make this transition as seamlessly as possible.

To your child’s success,

Doug Crowe

P.S. You can be a parent AND a teammate! Your child can get into a great school, and play the sport about which she is so passionate. The list of speakers for The College Prep Formula is amazing—and they’re ready to coach YOU, so you can coach your child to college readiness! Sign up here to grab your spot:

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