Expand Your Business Through Outsourcing…Without Getting Burned

Outsourcing Retreat Vietnam

My assistant and I have been working together for over 3 1/2 years now. Ken is a WordPress Genius, does SEO, collates and organizes files, publishes News stories… there’s isn’t much he cannot do.

…and I’ve never met him.

Welcome to the world of outsourcing where you can:

  • Hire 2-5 people worldwide for the price of one person in the USA
  • Focus YOUR time and energy on profitable tasks
  • Grow your business without breaking the bank

There are hundreds of things you should be outsourcing, but like most business owners, you’ve also heard the horror stories.

And I’ve lived a few.

In order to minimize and potentially ELIMINATE the risks of outsourcing, I’m recommending you spend a week with the brilliant Charmaine Thring.

in Vietnam.

For a solid week, she’ll take you on a SE Asia retreat where you will explore Vietnam, meet the people, enjoy their mystical culture and while you are on tour… get a few tasks done for you.


If I had this opportunity when I got started, it would have saved me thousands of dollars in wasted time, errors and money on the dozens of mistakes I made when I first hired someone overseas.

Check out this event and feel free to email me with any questions. I will answer them via Skype, email or, if you prefer, in person in Ho Chi Minh City!


See you there!

Doug Crowe

P.S. In my next article, I have a story to share with you on how I turned $5 into $250 in profit through outsourcing. It’s an easy trick ANYONE can do!

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