A Life Sentence for the Innocent

Chris was a prisoner.

For the past 4 years, the only world known was one of daily violence, abuse, pain, suffering and humiliation. At first, getting a cigarette butt burned into your arm was simply unbearable pain. 

First the shock.

Then… the smell.

The smell of burning flesh is one that is about as disgusting as you can imagine. When the pain and smell is coming from your own arm, it is 10X worse.

As a prisoner, most abuse can be linked to some transgression or some insult from one person to another. However, when there is no reason (let alone justification) for getting a cigarette burned into your arm, the only thing your mind does is scream in pain… constantly.

The lingering pain of a half dozen burns on your arm means a constant reminder of living not just in fear, but with it. Most people would find the daily brutality of physical torture the worst. But in Chris’s case the physical pain, unbreakable as it was, was not the worst thing that happened.

Far from it.

It may be hard to imagine, but physical pain, as awful as it is (and it is), pales in comparison to the emotional trauma of being treated like an object, an ashtray, a piece of furniture, or nothing at all. To be used, abused, and eventually discarded. 

Now, before you think, “You must have done something bad to be put in that prison” think again.

Chris is only 7 years old.

Child abuse is not a subject that can be debated. There’s no reasonable defense for it and there is no logical excuse to participate in it. While many parents can attest to losing their temper at least once with a crying or unruly child, the vast majority keep their cool and raise healthy kids. 

However, emotions can get the best of anyone.

Even for a split second.

Unfortunately, abuse from parents, family, or neighbors goes largely unnoticed. Sexual abuse, the rape of a child, is so inconceivable to most adults, it simply boggles the mind. And it matters not if the abuse is sexual, physical, emotional, or some combination; a child’s beliefs, personality, and their future adult life is forever scarred.

Consider what life would be like when the only thing you know… the only framework for your existence was to be socially, physically, and emotionally tortured for your entire life.




The imprints in your personality, behavior, and belief system are so far out of whack, it is beyond a normal person’s ability to fathom. Yet, in the time it took to read this article, 3 children have been physically or sexually abused.

Back to you…

By the end of your day, as you are unwinding from work, relaxing with your family, having dinner, or simply getting for bed, try going to sleep knowing that, unlike you, 5 innocent children won’t wake up tomorrow.

They’ll be dead.

When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have a new day full of hope, opportunity and another chance to make a difference. For thousands of abused kids, they wake up to a nightmare… if they wake up at all.

To make matters worse, one of the leading non-profit organizations to combat child abuse, https://childhelp.org uses live events to raise funds. These funds are used for foster help, intervention, treatment, and prevention.

Due to the current pandemic, this organization has lost $1.5 million dollars in funding.

There’s no way to soften this request. This organization desperately needs help… your help.

Nearly 100 entrepreneurs are banding together right now, to do their part and you can join in. From now until May 3rd, these entrepreneurs are donating their specialized knowledge and experience to help others. There are nearly 100 different topics in healing, leadership, health, meditation, business, trauma recovery–the works. Nearly every topic you can imagine is being covered and taught.

For only $19, you can access ALL of it.

And, 50% of the proceeds go directly to ChildHelp.org. 

Click Here Now–> http://www.childhelp.org/wellness/

If you simply shake your head after reading this, that’s OK. But what is not OK is putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the trauma and death that affects thousands of innocent children in our community.

  • You have the power to do something.
  • It is in your grasp.
  • $19 won’t make or break your lifestyle, but it could possibly save a life.

Click here now.

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