Thank you for your interest in potentially becoming a contributing writer for major publications. (Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, etc.)

As you can imagine, having just ONE article in one of these major magazines can explode any career, ignite any list and become an overnight game changer for your product or service sales.

Which is why it’s not easy…

I’ve been around a while. I’ve seen today’s marketing superstars rise out of nowhere to become near household names. Back in the day, the names Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Warren Buffet, etc. were the guys the media wrote about.

Today, online marketing giants like Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard and others have broken through the barrier between being a niche player to becoming household names.

What made this shift?

Being in major media.

Now, you don’t have to become the next Tony Robbins and you don’t even have to own 300+ companies like Richard Branson to become wildly successful online.

There are 100X as many successful consultants, coaches and speakers who are commanding $30,000, $40,000 and more for working just 3-5 hours for a major corporation as a consultant, trainer or speaker.

…and you’ve probably never heard of any of them.

Could you be next?

Let’s be clear—this is not for everyone.

In order to take your business and your brand to the next level, you have to work, write, pitch and do these things consistently… and professionally.

If you truly want to put in your biography, “As seen in Business Week, Forbes, Fast Company, etc.” then you’ll not only need to make it a foundational element of your marketing or branding, but you HAVE to get trained by someone who’s done it.


You see, the marketing and branding landscape is changing rapidly. Business at the speed of thought is truer now more than ever before.

The guy I have personally hired to train me has a few slots opened. I asked him if I could bring a few people along with me and he agreed.

I mentioned his accomplishments in my email to you and you responded. There are fewer than 15 people looking at this page right now and he is only opening this opportunity for a brief period of time before one of his clients flies him and his kids back to Europe for some more speaking and training.

You may have never heard of Kimanzi Constable and that’s the good news.


After you review this page, I encourage you to check out his Facebook page, scroll down and read a few of his accomplishments.

  • He’s sold over 100,000 copies of his books
  • Is a Contributing writer to Success, Inc, Entrepreneur, AskMen, Business Insider and dozens more print and online magazines
  • Has Fortune 500 clients in 61 countries (they fly him and his family worldwide)
  • Is a Guest blogger for Michael Hyatt and many others

As I mentioned, you don’t have to be a media superstar to make big money as a media insider.

Fortune 500 companies rarely hire Tony Robbins, but they spend over $45 Billion annually hiring people like YOU!

…if they only knew who you were.

See how this works?

I’m keeping this page brief as I’m off to start my training. There is an investment in this, of course. In my opinion, landing just ONE gig off this training will pay for it 10-fold.

It’s a no brainer.

Step 1: Check out Kimanzi Constable online. Spend a few minutes to checking his profile, social media and publications.

Step 2: Decide if being a contributing writer to Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Success, or any other large publication is something you can commit to.

Step 3: Value yourself enough to increase your consulting and value to the $30K-$50K per day mark. If you just want to be an online marketer, this is not for you. You must reposition yourself to play with the big boys…. and be able to deliver.

Step 4: He only opens these up by invite and for very brief periods of time. When you charge $40,000 for a 3-hour training for a corporation, you don’t need to work at the 4-figure level. These are designed for a VERY limited audience. These offers are by invitation only and you must email him to apply. He has three programs available (hyperlink to description page):

Consulting (online training): $2000
Writing for large publications (private): $2400

Writing for large publications (online): $1600

Step 5: As this is by invite only, put “Referral by Doug Crowe” in the subject line and CC me. I will insure you get his attention as he travels from Hawaii this week.

If you have any questions, drop me a line and we can chat on the phone.


In friendship,

Doug Crowe