Author Interview

Your answers below will help to create the framework and background for your book. Answer them clearly and directly. If you don’t have an answer, no worries. After you submit them, call 949-491-9591 to schedule your first interview. Send your answers via email through our contact form.

  1. Name, email, website, Facebook page, Linkedin, cell phone and business listings.
  2. Who will want to read your book? (Age, gender, profession, habits of reader)
  3. What do you want your reader to DO? (Not just a change of feeling, but action)
  4. What is your background previous to your current enterprise.
  5. What is the nature of your business or message?
  6. What business growth or initiatives are you planning for the future.
  7. How did you get started in this business or mission?
  8. What is your biggest success story?
  9. What was your biggest setback or challenge?
  10. What are the specific differences between you and your competition?
  11. What 7-12 core principles exemplify your brand and message?
  12. List a story that supports each principle (be brief, we’ll get details later)
  13. Who is your greatest inspiration in your industry? Why?
  14. Who inspires you who  is NOT in your industry? Why?
  15. Who has been a great mentor or coach to you?
  16. What are your passions and hobbies outside of your profession?
  17. What goal(s) have you established for the coming year?
  18. Which character trait best describes you?
    • Playful, outgoing, funny and maybe a little disorganized
    • Precise, accountable, thorough and organized
    • Impatient, leader, action-oriented and charismatic
    • Laid back, witty, musical and a good negotiator

Add any funny, heroic or interesting stories that exemplify this personality trait. List names of clients, friends, associates or family who will add good content for your book (business or personal stories).

Finally, Include any articles, notes, presentations or other materials that support your brand, message and personality.

Our team will compile this information and organize it in a structure to frame your interviews. You can rest assured that your book won’t simply be a compelling distillation of your brand, message and ideas, but it will read like you wrote it. We’ll match your personality (or give you a new one!) and make your story a page turner.